Zingaceram HS

Zingaceram HS

Possible delivery method: 2-3 Day Delivery

Zingaceram provides high specification, anti-corrosion protection for structures at risk from severe abrasion and chemical exposure.

Zingaceram is normally used on top of a base coat of Zinga and is a unique epoxy primer. Its pigmentation contains ceramic fillers comprising MIO particles that form over 200 layers of metallic platelets. These act as moisture barriers. The ceramic fillers are extremely hard wearing and allow Zingaceram to provide a highly durable, chemical resistant coat.

This system can be overcoated with the majority of commercial topcoats including polyurethanes and antifouling systems.

  • High solid content
  • High chemical resistance
  • Can cure at low temperatures down to 0°C
  • Excellent barrier action against corrosion
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent salt barrier

For more information please see the technical data sheet or contact us on 01933 426225 or sales@empsl.com.

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