Zingalufer is a one-component Micaceous Iron Oxide moisture curing polyurethane sealer. Can be used over Zinga and AquaZinga.

The product has excellent resistance to both salts and chemical exposure and can be used as an intermediate layer or as a topcoat in covered areas where there is no UV exposure.

Zingalufer can be used on many structures in both atmospheric and immersed situations and can extend the service-life of many coating systems. 

On structures such as sewage tanks it can be applied by airless spray at film-builds of 200 microns DFT. Where it is used as a sealer beneath coatings such as two pack acrylics, it can be applied with a convention spray gun at film-builds in the range of 40-60 microns.

OIn Zinganised cast-iron or cast steel keels (e.g on GRP yachts), Zingalufe can be easily applied on site by short-nap rollers.

Fore more information please see the technical data sheet or contact us today on 01933 426225 or sales@empsl.com.

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