Jotun Jotamastic 90

Jotun Jotamastic 90



Jotun Jotamastic 90 is a two-pack high solids, abrasion resistant, surface tolerant, polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating which can be applied in a wide range of film thicknesses. Available with Standard (Std) and Wintergrade (WG) hardener for various substrate temperatures. Jotamastic 90 is part of a complete system which is certified not to spread flames. Tintable in a wide range of colours (Small colour variaions may occur when switching between the two curing agents. 


Recommended for use on steel which may not be possible to blast clean and on hydrojetted surfaces still being moist. Can be used alone or combined with various systems of primers and topcoats, Provides excellent corrosion protection in salt and fresh water. Chalking may occur if exposed to sunlight.





Touch dry (at 23˚C):


4 hours (Std) 3.5 hours (WG)

Recoatable (at 23˚C):


3 hours (Std) 2 hours (WG)



Jotun Thinner no. 17



In line with product data sheet.

VOC level:


170gms/litre (Std) 180gms/litre (WG)

Pack sizes:


4.55 litres, 20 litres


Product Data Sheet

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