Jotun Jota Armour AS

Jotun Jota Armour AS



Jotun Jota Armour is a three-pack abrasion-resistant, high solids epoxy based coating. Formulated to be applied in high film thickness for durability, wear resistance and anti-slip properties under dry, oily and wet conditions. The third component is a specialist blend of abrasion-resistant fused, aluminium oxides. The product is sold in two kits, one with standard (Std) curing agent and one with wintergrade (WG) curing agent.


Recommended for severe dry, wet and oily conditions where durability, anti-slip properties and wear resistance is required. Ideal for locations such as flight decks, military applications and extreme environments. Approved to U.K. Defence Standard 80-134 for the Royal Navy. One-coat, high build application over anti-corrosive primer.




0.9m²/l (Std) 0.85m²/l (WG)

Touch dry (at 23˚C):


5 hours (Std) 8 hours (WG)

Recoatable (at 23˚C):


14 hours (Std) 24 hours (WG)



Jotun Thinner no. 17



In line with product data sheet.

VOC level:


70 gms/litre (Std) 100 gms/litre (WG)

Pack sizes:


9 litres (Std), 9.3 (WG)


Product Data Sheet

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