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East Midlands Paint Supplies, through our personal and unrivalled levels of service and experience, can assist you in putting together a suitable cost effective protective coating system to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your coating requirements East Midlands Paint Supplies – For a Jotun distributor in the UK. 

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Jotun Protective & Marine Coatings


From humble beginnings in Norway in 1926, Jotun have grown to become a global leader in protective and marine coatings, with 33 production facilities in 22 countries and representation in over 90 countries worldwide.


East Midlands Paint Supplies are proud to be an appointed distributor for the Jotun range of protective and marine coatings, their informed and experienced staff are always available to assist with any specification or technical enquiries you may have.


East Midlands Paint Supplies have the latest Jotun MCI colour tinting machine, which is capable of producing over 90,000 colours in a wide range of protective and marine finishes.


Jotun have many product approvals both nationally and internationally, these include


  • ISO 12944 Systems
  • Highways Agency
  • Network Rail
  • PSPC (IMO)
  • FDA (Food Compliant)
  • BS 476 (Fire)
  • Grain (Newcastle Occupational Health)
  • Low Flame Spread (IMO FTPC Part 5)
  • UK Defence Standards


If you are unable to find the approval you are looking for, please ask.


Jotun ‘protects property’ in some of the world’s most demanding conditions and environments, using proven products and technologies. From marine, new-buildings and vessel maintenance to offshore and FPSO, from civil infrastructure and power to petrochemical. 


All Products

All Products

East Midlands Paint Supplies – Jotun distributor in the UK. Contact us today to discuss your coating requirements.

Jotun Barrier

Jotun Barrier

Products from the Jotun Barrier range.

High Temperature

Jotun high temperature products.

Jotun Hardtop

Products from the Jotun Hardtop range.

Jotun Jotafloor

Products from the Jotun Jotafloor range.

Jotun Jotamastic

Products from the Jotun Jotamastic range.

Jotun Muki

Products from the Jotun Muki range.

Jotun Penguard

Products from the Jotun Penguard range.

Jotun Pilot

Products from the Jotun Pilot range.

Jotun Steelmaster

Products from the Jotun Steelmaster range.

Jotun Tankguard

Products from the Jotun Tankguard range.

Jotun Thinners

Jotun Thinners.

Other Jotun Coatings

Other Jotun coatings.