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Dacrylate Paints is a renowned British manufacturer of innovative and high quality engineered coatings. They offer a wide range of high performance coatings in the industry, covering a broad spectrum of applications and customer requirements.


All Dacrylate coatings undergo extensive testing in the fully equipped research and development laboratory. Ensuring substrate protection, durability, colour fastness, UV radiation protection, corrosion resistance, adhesion, saltwater protection, resistance to damage, flexibility and hardness of coatings.


As well as supplying coatings to original equipment manufacturers, industrial, construction, rail, and agriculture sectors; Dacrylate is a recognised manufacturer of coatings for the highways infrastructure in the UK with approved coating systems for lighting column manufacturers as well as approvals that comply with Highways England specifications.


In 1986, Dacrylate were granted the Royal Warrant as manufacturers of paints, varnishes and emulsions. The Warrant is the Royal Seal of Approval for the supply of high quality goods and services to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and HRH The Prince of Wales for a period of 5 or more years.


Key Products

Product  Description


Dac Roc Masonry Paint                                                                                          

Tough, durable coating for cement, brickwork, stucco, etc., with added fungicide/algaecide.

Dac Crete Floor Paint  A single-pack polyurethane coating typically used as a hard-wearing coating for floors.
Dacsil 200  High-solids compliant 2-pack poly siloxane finish.
Rapidac Primer  A modified alkyd/zinc phosphate fast drying primers for general purpose use on steel.
Margard Anti-Climb  A non-drying oil based solvent-free coating typically used as a soft, non-drying coating to deter climbing of walls, fences, plyons,  etc.
Implamel SPF  A modified alkyd/zinc/phosphate general purpose coating, high build, fast drying 'one-coat' primer/finish for structural steelwork,  waste skips and similar steel fabrications.
Implamel One-Coat  A modified alkyd/zinc/phosphate general purpose coating, high build, fast drying 'one-coat' primer/finish for structural steelwork,  waste skips and smilar steel fabrications.
Epidac 1 Zinc Rich Primer  A epoxy-ester/meallic zinc coating that is typically used as a single-pack 'sacrificial' primer for steel. Also used a 'repair' primer for  damaged galvanised steel. Conforms to BS:4652 Part 1.
Epidac 2 HB Epoxy Undercoat  High-build epoxy undercoat.
Epidac 2 HS Red Oxide  High solids epoxy with zinc phosphate rust inhibitor (with low temperature curing properties).
Dacrylate 2 Pack Etch Primer  Reinforced PVB with typical uses of etch primer for galvanising and non-ferrous metals, blast primer for steel, or sealer for metal  spraying coating. Conforms to Railtrack Line Specification RT98. Compliant to Environmental Protection Act (1990), Clause 20(d)  Guidance Note PG6/23 (97) when used as a sealer for metal spray.
Vinadac  High build coating for protection of steel and galvanised steel in aggressive environments. Tolerant of damp surfaces during  application. Typical applications include lighting columns and general industrial plant.
Vinaprime 41 HB Anti-Corrosion Primer  High build inhibitive primer for steel. Damp tolerant and fast drying.