Nano Technology

Nano Technology

Nano Technology

Nano technology coatings are becoming more and more prevalent in the industry and East Midlands Paint Supplies are proud to say that we are a key distributor of the Guard NanoTech Coatings brand. These revolutionary coatings further enhance our already comprehensive product offering.


Guard NanoTech Coatings offer a huge range of benefits to any coating system:

  • Superb Anti-Corrosion Resistance
  • Greater protection, FOR LONGER.
  • Protect against anti-graffiti and save millions
  • Make practically ANY surface, hydrophobic & easier to clean!


With coatings available for almost all substrates, offering a mixture of corrosion protection & impermeability to water and oils as well as drastically improving cleaning times of any coated surface – we will have a coating for you.


We have only listed 3 of our more environmentally friendly coatings in the shop; for wood, glass & stone/masonry surfaces. If you have any general enquiries on nano coatings or would like to discuss your project/idea with our technical team in more detail, please call us on 01933 426225.


The below products are easy-to apply, offering wow factors to all after correct application. The product data sheets are listed alongside the below products, however for technical help or big volume orders – please call us on 01933 426225.

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